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We offer a smart exposure to the oil & gas cycle.
Gilles Koch, Managing Partner

Market Price:

Our Experience:

Asset Management
Acquisition of upstream and midstream assets. Managing logistics and bridging the steps in the value chain.
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Fund Management
Specialized in the oil & gas sector, giving qualified investors a smart exposure to long-term rising prices.
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Commodity Trading
Physical trading with expertise in oil & gas. Partnering with producers and end buyers and expand the supply side.
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Our Management:

Gilles Koch
Gilles has over 25 years of management experience in structured finance. He is specialized in the management of international private and public, oil and gas companies.
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Christophe Darbord
Christophe has over 20 years of physical and financial commodity trading and investing experience, mainly in Energy (Petroleum, Coal, Natural Gas and Electricity). He has gained specific experience in creating new businesses, delivering outstanding performance thanks to appropriate strategy, assets and risk management.
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Patrick Prendergast
Patrick has 25 years of energy and general commodity experience. Among his responsibilities he acted as group director of human resources and communications for large international conglomerates.
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Geopolitical Rational:

In 1944 the U.S. called 44 allied nations to a conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire and offered global free trade, granted U.S. market access and full protection of all their maritime supply chain trade routes at zero cost.
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Current Projects:

This section covers our current projects we are working on. For more sensitive Information under an NDA/NCA, please fill out your contact details by clicking here and send us an email with your request.

News & Research:

Here you find current market news and research papers written by specialists from the finance and/or oil & gas industry.
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"we close deals"