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Our Management:

Gilles Koch
Gilles has over 25 years of management experience in structured finance. He is specialized in the management of international private and public, oil and gas companies.

Gilles started his career in 1990 as buy-side equity analyst and fund manager at Bank Leu in Zurich. Late 1992 he was hired by Finter Bank in Zurich to become the bank's Chief Investment Officer, responsible for the asset management of the clients' wealth and the formation of an income oriented SICAV Fund domiciled under the laws of Luxembourg and one of Switzerland's first alternative cross-hedge fund domiciled in an off-shore jurisdiction. Late 1994, Gilles co-founded his first Zurich based corporate finance institution and acted for over 20 years to come as its CEO and Chairman. Gilles furnished large sums of funding, exclusively to distressed, either privately or publicly held oil & gas companies. As activist investor for all of his invested companies, Gilles surveilled corporate strategies, held a seat at the Board of Directors, participated actively in all corporate committees, decided on staffing matters and last but not least, occasionally had to step-up as the interim corporate CEO of public traded oil & gas companies. Gilles gained vast experience in acquiring oil & gas licenses, funding and rolling them into publicly listed companies. In 2016 he co-founded Canopus Capital, a Liechtenstein based investment company focusing on oil & gas investments and acting as it's Managing Partner.

Gilles is a member of the management body of Waterful, a non-profit foundation, responsible for water treatment and the electrification of households in the Democratic Republic Congo. Waterful's Kinshasa based sister foundation SODIS, is an entity which is recognized through all local ministries and enjoys tax freedom on all activities.

Gilles studied economics and political science at University of Bern in 1990. He finished his High School with a degree in Mathematics and Physics in 1989.
Christophe Darbord
Christophe has over 20 years of physical and financial commodity trading and investing experience, mainly in Energy (Petroleum, Coal, Natural Gas and Electricity). He has gained specific experience in creating new businesses, delivering outstanding performance thanks to appropriate strategy, assets and risk management.

Christophe started his career at Pricewaterhouse before joining Cargill. During these eleven years, he has been exposed to the different facets of energy trading both in the physical and futures markets, also trading several managed accounts for third parties investors. Leaving Cargill as a Business Unit Leader, Christophe joined Bunge as the Global Director of Energy and Biofuels. During these five years, he has built a worldwide profitable business across the entire energy spectrum and has expanded his trading, asset acquisition and managerial expertise across different markets and geographies. Since January 2012, Christophe has been an active entrepreneur and private investor in the commodity industry. He was a co-founder of DH Minerals Ltd., a private natural resource trading and investment company with main involvement in coal in South Africa and the United States. He was the CEO of two petroleum refineries. He has founded and been developing an asset-backed trading oil company in Southern Europe in joint-venture with one of the largest commodity groups. He is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Canopus Capital.

Christophe is Vice-Chairman of EcoFormation, a Swiss non-profit foundation involved in reforestation, agro-forestry and healthcare in Madagascar; a founding ex-member of EFET, European Federation of Electricity Traders; former advisor to the French, Belgium, Spanish and British Gas & Electricity CEOs think-tank and a regular invited speaker at energy conferences.

Christophe has graduated from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Marseille (Master Degree in Finance, 1996) and holds a High School diploma in Mathematics and Physics with honors, 1991.
Patrick Prendergast
Patrick has 25 years of energy and general commodity experience. Among his responsibilities, he acted as group director of human resources and communications for large international conglomerates.

Patrick started his career in the early 1990's with Cargill Technical Services & the British Know How Fund in the Ukraine, where he was part of a two-person team that won a large project to restructure five Soviet state farms. He then moved to Cargill Eastern Europe to help manage their ambitious growth plans. In the 1990's, Patrick was based in Kiev, lived in the Former Soviet Union and covered several FSU states in building Cargill's commodity business from its start into a large integrated operation. After eight years he transferred to Cargill Geneva, Switzerland, where he became the Head of Human Resources for Cargill's World Trading Grain business and its Global Freight business. He also started Cargill's commodity talent sourcing capability, enabling the hiring of top talents as well as creating and building a large global graduate and post-graduate program and talent pipeline. Patrick was recruited out of Cargill to join Mercuria Energy Group as group Head of Human Resources and Corporate Communications and Board Advisor. Mercuria was one of the world's fastest growing and largest energy business, going on to acquire J.P. Morgan's commodity business and was involved in all aspects of global energy including North America oil & gas. Patrick then joined Gazprom MT, working across its international business as Head of Human Resources. He has also provided advice to the management or supervisory boards of a variety of leading global energy commodity businesses as well as several large private equity firms involved in the energy space. Patrick is a partner of Canopus Capital.

Patrick graduated from University College London.

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